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Sunscreen for children

JanJal (1048 posts) • +1

Our stock of foreign-bought sunscreen for the toddler is running out, and I'm looking for reliable source in Kunming.

In this matter his mother is suspicious of anything from Taobao or other internet sources, so a physical store would be great.

So far we have been unable to find fragnance-free, SPF 30+ choices in our regular stores.

Any hints?

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • +3

I saw them putting out this years stock of Nivea Sunscreens, including kids products, in Metro two days ago. This was Metro south. It has its own little section near, but not in, the skin care section. They were putting it on hooks on a pillar perhaps. Anyway, you just need to ask.

michael2015 (666 posts) • +1

Watsons...in most of the major mega department store locations.

Also - if you're wary of taobao, try tmall, which is allegedly the legit (brick & mortar store requirement) version of taobao.

JanJal (1048 posts) • 0

Yeah it's not a problem to find good product on internet, but the wife is hesitant to trust that the contents match the container.

Thanks though, off to sell this...

Ishmael (462 posts) • -3
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Is he or she light-skinned? How are your neighbors' toddlers making out? What do they do?

lemon lover (881 posts) • +1

Well with the Cancer Council product I can confirm that the internet procured product is equal to the product I bought before in Australia.
On top of that I think that a product marketed by a health council is preferable to a product sold by a commercial company more interested in investors return on investment where more money is spent on advertising then on RandD.
PS-1: The New Zealand Cancer Council markets their own product as well.
PS-2: Anything less than the max protection factor (Especially for children) is just pure bullshit.
PS-3: I am not an Ausie nor a Kiwi.
PS-4: But both countries take protection against harmful UV serious and that is based on experience.
PS-5: Indeed don't buy Chinese products because they all contain whitener and are formulated to keep your skin white instead of protected from the negative effects of sun radiation. They might protect against harmful UV but you might be putting potentionaly harmful whitening substances on your (or your Children’s ) skin. And anyway a natural controlled tanning of your skin helps to protect that same skin.

lemon lover (881 posts) • +1

Another note: The products from down under come in serious quantities. The whole thing is to apply in full and regular and for that you need a bottle or tube that invites this. The down under stuff is like that and good value for money.

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