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"One Belt One Road" and its role in Yunnan

JanJal (1060 posts) • 0

"Win-win is a slogan."

There's always someone who loses, and that creates division of prosperity that makes some people look up to others.

Have too much of the division, and you get a revolution.

Have too little, and you stop development


or at the very least, have to redefine prosperity and development altogether. Find new ways for some people to get more out of life than others.

I think the latter is in some way taking place in some of the so-called developed countries. Stopping to smell the flowers so to speak, to keep the flora in discussion, but always something new or more for the privileged.

In reference to "roof over their heads, food on their plates, and a job", some people apparently are so privileged that they can give up their jobs, ignore education, and stop eating food.

Ishmael (462 posts) • -1

Redefine, yes, and not from the top down.

'You got to pick up every stitch,
This is the season of the witch.'

- Donovan, about 1965

dolphin (509 posts) • 0

donovan. ha ha.
this conversation is over my head.
who have you met that stops eating food?

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