Wonders Of Yunnan Travel


tourist towns

Ishmael (397 posts) • -2

Is a town that you have to buy a ticket to enter a real town or just another commercial/nationalist exhibit? Compare with Jim Goodman's numerous articles bout back in the day. Tourism gets weirder and weirder - what ever happened to 'travel', and how it 'broadens the mind'?
When everything is propaganda, commercial or otherwise, and for sale, what is 'real'?


or see gokunming link below.

cloudtrapezer (657 posts) • 0

It can be even worse. I remember going to a very beautiful village in Zhejiang. Outsiders had to pay to get in but the villagers were very poor. Some of them complained to us that the company just arrived one day put up some toll booths and since then had been waltzing off with the money from tourist tickets.

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