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Ice hockey

GerryboGerrybo (4 posts) • 0

Do you know somebody who wants to learn how to play ice hockey? Or are you an old player who what's to skate better?

We are arranging regular ice time and a coach for beginners aged 15 and older.

Contact me on wechat if you are interested.

Wechat ID: Ruanlongshan

Coach Tim (1 post) • 0

What are the prices? And like renting skates? I'm from Chengdu and will be here for maybe another month. I left my skates in Chengdu.

GerryboGerrybo (4 posts) • 0

We haven't yet found enough people to justify reserving the rink.

But we play every sunday at Hongta sports center.

Its 100 rmb for a few hours of ice time.

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