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Any cycle touring groups in Kunming?

tigertiger (4943 posts) • 0

Does anyone know of any local groups that go cycle touring, or for weekend ride outs. I am not fit enough for the mountain biking scene, or road racing, just steady long rides.

Learn Chinese YN (11 posts) • 0

Hi, there is a group of cyclists in our school ( huayang Academy ) they do weekend rides, bamboo temple, Fumin, Qipanshan, some started without any experience.

I know some do touring also, If you know Barfly the owner alex is part of it he can add you into the groups

tigertiger (4943 posts) • 0

Could you please PM me any contact details for cyclists at Huayang Academy.
Also could someone please PM me Alex's Gokunming ID, or his Wechat ID, so that I can PM him.

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