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Long term health (feeling)

Ishmael (462 posts) • -1

@redjon: Not quite to your original point, but the friend I mentioned had 5&1/2-hour operation on his knee last Thursday at KM Med School No.2 hospital, he seems good, getting out of the hospital tomorrow. Hope that makes you feel better. Will let you know of anything further, if you wish - he's had bone-end surfaces replaced, will have rehabilitation by rehabilitation people, should take awhile.
Another friend another operation, next week I think.
Both these guys in their 60s, both here over 10 years, entirely by choice; neither has had problems with bugs or altitude or air or food (at least none worth mentioning to me) or whatever. One has had some lung condition since he was a child, but Kunming air doesn't seem to be a big problem, though people smoking right next to him pisses him off.

redjon777 (563 posts) • 0

@Ishmael Hope all finishes well but for me it wasn't an exact issue I was trying to have sorted. It was more of an issue with my bodies general feeling half the time. I probably just have to put more focus than normal on my daily routine.

As said before to, other people's stories of good situations is not enough to give confidence in the whole system for me.

tigertiger - moderator (5022 posts) • +1

My mother had a cure for that. If you told her you felt yukky, she would give you a good dose of castor oil. Funny, I never complained of feeling yukky again.

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