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Long term health (feeling)

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Since we moved on to dots of varying amounts, I would bring that on topic too.

When our newborn was presented with options for vaccination schedule, there were basically two choices to the same end, during the same period:

a) imported foreign vaccines, 1-3 (don't remember exactly) shots

b) Chinese vaccines, 12 shots

China has a standard vaccination program of required and free (Chinese) vaccines, and there are add-ons to choose from.

We still believe vaccinations to contribute to long term health, especially of children, and especially in a country like China, so we went with the fullish spectrum with additional shots.

We are lucky to have a kid who finishes taking blood sample not in tears, but by saying xiexie to the nurse, so frequent visits for vaccinations has not been a pain.

But since ours is still just a toddler, I would be curious about the OP in relation to children who may have been born or otherwise spent their early years in Kunming (or China) and later migrated to a western country. How was their health, or feeling of such, changed - if at all?

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Sixth tone reported that the pension funds will run out. If that happens, people will be bastions of integrity right?

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@dolphin: health, pensions, integrity - what? I think I've missed your point.

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there are a few articles about pensions in china on sixth tone.

Give Up Your Pension For The Good of the Nation

China’s National Pension Fund To Dry Up by 2035, Report Says

So if that happens, people will get more desperate and that means corruption in all areas, including health care, will likely increase.

These are not good signs. But I will stop posting here because I am in a negative mind space about China. Maybe it's temporary. But I don't want to continue haranguing the forum with my negativity.


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> Now do 9/11 and Obama's birth certificate

Notre Dame Cathedral burns down the same day (April 15) as the Boston bombing and the sinking of the Titanic.

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Sixth Tone is a random collection of what is permitted

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