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Long term health (feeling)

cloudtrapezer (695 posts) • +1

You can get Chinese health insurance if you're a resident. That is, if you have a residence permit. For most people that will mean they're either working, studying or are married to a Chinese person. People on tourist or other types of visitor visa can't get Chinese insurance. The insurance is quite cheap and it works. They do pay out.

Ishmael (418 posts) • +2

I suggest that the long back-and-forth about 'illegals' etc. on this thread demonstrates that many posters are merely interested in talking to each other, as nobody else would ever find this worthwhile discussion, buried as it is in a thread entitled 'long term health (feeling)' in Kunming. Suggest you either save it for facebook 'friends' or, better yet, open a thread on the subject so that it is accessible to gokunming readers.

cloudtrapezer (695 posts) • 0

Fine by me Ishmael. I didn't raise the issue of illegals, others did. I just pointed out the irony of so-called 'expats' complaining about 'immigrants' back home. I suspect I touched a nerve. Maybe I took the sarcasm a bit too far :) It turned into a case of 鸡同鸭讲.

herenow (246 posts) • +2

@Ishmael: Fine by me too, but... you're the one who started the whole thing when you wrote "@Peter: Illegals, kalashnikov oil... jesus, man!"


Ishmael (418 posts) • 0

@herenow: ok, guilty, but that post also had some some reference to the OP. Anyway, this is not the place to discuss how to post - that should be another thread entirely.

So now I've done it again.

herenow (246 posts) • +3

cloudtrapezer wrote: "I suspect I touched a nerve."

Who wrote "hard right racists", "You make me sick", "blind cheek", "You're laughable", "idiot", "crap", "pathetic" ?

Was it the one who touched a nerve or the one whose nerve got touched?

Peter99 (1234 posts) • 0


Just curious, how about ”bigot”, have u modern lefties dropped that word? I noticed it was not there, and it looked strange.


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