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Learn Chinese YN (19 posts) • +5

Very strange to hear that Chinese Corner is old hat and not useful when you can just speak with locals.

Usually Chinese corners will have a topic to discuss and be lead by someone who knows what they are doing for example a teacher to prepare talking points and games.

Otherwise high level students take over the conversation.

Also just going out and talking is very different to a Chinese corner. You can't for example stipulate a word list, or topic for a conversation on the street and make the other party take on the responsibility of improving your Chinese level.

Anyway just my opinion that a Chinese corner can be useful for people learning Chinese

good luck to all students :D

Ishmael (462 posts) • -3
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OK about the Chinese corner, but, as with language classes that I, for one, could not have done without, it's important to remember you live in a real city with real people with whom your object is to communicate in real life.

bubblyian (42 posts) • 0

Come along to Green Lake EC on a Thursday evening 8-10pm and meet loads of Chinese people who would love to start a Chinese corner with you!!!

JPHarmon (3 posts) • 0

I know there are Toastmasters Clubs in Kunming that allows non-Chinese speakers to practice Chinese in a structured manner.

One is in Xiexin Tiandi on Jianshe Rd.

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