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proper allergy test

homer (9 posts) • 0

I want to test for allergies in a hospital in Kunming. I have found a hospital where I could get tested, but they only do blood tests ("because of hygiene"). These are not very reliable.
Does anyone know of a hospital where they can do a standard skin prick allergy test?

lemon lover (861 posts) • +1

No idea where you can get a proper allergy test but know where you can get a completely bogus test so don’t go to the Yunnan Dermatology Hospital (Junction Dianchi lu and Huancheng xi lu).
They offer, or better to say push, their Bioresonance diagnostic system and therapy claiming this is a proper system and that it is German and therefore good. It is indeed German but it is complete bogus pseudo science.

herenow (328 posts) • 0

I would make an appointment at Grace Medical clinic. They are staffed by Western-trained doctors and offer primary/family services as well as some specialty services in-house. In the remainder of cases, they can often give a referral to a Chinese provider.[...]

Ocean (1155 posts) • 0

I don't have anything better to suggest, but also I've been very allergic over the last couple of weeks and that's unusual (for me) at this time of year. I normally suffer with the tree pollen around October or so. Maybe the recent heavy winds?

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