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If anyone speaks Swedish or knows someone who does

herenow (109 posts) • 0

Notwithstanding my earlier pledge to bow out of the thread, I want to clarify for the record what I wrote about the trouble (time/money/effort/inconvenience) involved in coming here. I didn’t properly show why I included that element in my posts.

The point I was unsuccessfully trying to make is this: If a scarce service is only available because the provider has gone to really substantial trouble, then it is especially unreasonable to try to obtain it free of charge. It's roughly analogous to someone asking an ancient Silk Road trader to give away products that he had just transported across Eurasia.

Aria Li (6 posts) • 0

Great thanks to LiumingKe and Janjal, I'll try to have a look.

Herenow, I know your point of the whole economy theory, it is true you have to pay proper price in return for things you are trying to get. I agree. Since our argument started because of my mis-use of "insist", which led to your misunderstanding of my intention, I need to take at least half of the responsibility for that.
Problem solved and I think we are good now. Have a nice day!

herenow (109 posts) • 0

I appreciate your thoughtful post. For my part, I probably should have been more diplomatic in my initial reply, so I also have a large part of the responsibility. Anyway, yes, we're all squared away. You too, have a good one.

michael2015 (572 posts) • 0

Aria - if you don't find what you're looking for - PM (private message me) and I'll try to hunt down the ONE native speaker I know of in Kunming. He's a grad student and speaks excellent Chinese also (with the Swedish accent)

PS - this technically falls under the category of language exchange vs study - in my opinion. Study implies paid services - language exchange is more free or barter-based...semantics issue...for future reference.

BTW - you're written English is great and your debate skills also excellent.kudos.

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