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Japanese in Kunming

miealex (13 posts) • 0

Hey guys,

An unusual question perhaps but does anyone know of a Japanese association or a place where one can get Japanese lessons here?

Lived in Japan for a number of years and fear my Japanese is getting rusty. Of course there are many online options but if anyone knows of anything going on here in the city, let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Aria Li (6 posts) • +1

There are Japanese courses offered in New Oriental. One of the teacher is Bin Yuan who is also an excellent translator. You can try to reach out to them to find out

michael2015 (572 posts) • +1

Yunda also has a native speaker in the Japanese language department. I met their instructor a year or two ago. They're a tight knit community - so hang out with any of the Japanese natives and they'll eventually (maybe) introduce you within their circle.

Most of the Japanese nationals I know are single and working in KM...some are teachers ( - the rest (≤ 5) are working here professionally.

If you'd like to meet the 3 guys I know - PM me and I'll see if they're interested in a cafe meet or a WeChat intro - haven't seen them in over a year Iおひさしぶり...

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