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Chinese drama series

herenow (144 posts) • +2

This isn’t specifically Kunming-related, but in case anyone’s looking for a Chinese drama to watch: the series "Like a Flowing River" (大江大河) is quite good as such things go, and was a hit when it was released last year.

The series follows the stories of several young people during the early part of the reform and opening era. In addition, it offers a view of China's economic transformation from the inside. Accordingly, much of the plotline turns toward business & industry as the series wears on and the main characters begin their careers, so be forewarned if that's not your cup of tea.

The initial 47 episodes are on Youtube, almost all with English subtitles: www.youtube.com/[...]

redjon777 (534 posts) • 0

Lacking a bit of TV content lately so watched a couple of episodes last night, seems a good watch :o)

One question though... You say most have English subtitles, does this mean I'm going to get into it then suffer watching episodes later with no subtitles. My Chinese isn't good enough to watch without, shows like this are helpful when it comes to improving language flow but with no subtitles at all it would be a right pain.

Also as a side point, it's blocked using HK server so need to watch on others.

herenow (144 posts) • 0

@redjon777: If memory serves, there are two or three episodes without subtitles in the vicinity of episodes #30-35 -- all the rest have them.

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