Flea Market (B&FM)

Ocean (1090 posts) • 0

Has anyone been to this "new" flea market yet?
Is it an excuse for established traders to sell their same old tat, or do locals come to sell unwanted stuff? Anyone tried to set up a stall there? How big is it? (I plan to visit it sometime, but wondered what to expect before dragging my excess goodies there!)

tigertiger (4828 posts) • 0

I think it is just people who make stuff, or trade from home. Go have a look and ask around. I would expect that some Chengguan guy will be collecting 'rent'.
Let us know what you find out, please.

Ocean (1090 posts) • +1

Visited today. There's 30-40 people selling stuff, but nearly all of it is "ancient" coins, comics, badges, ceramics, Mao memorabilia etc.

Nice for tourists, but not the free-for-all I had hoped for. The vendors have official-looking lanyards and numbered pitch sites. So not something that's open to anyone to take part in. Pity.

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