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Biking around the Dianchi or Fuxian

jj123 (80 posts) • 0

There doesn't seem to be any recent news or articles on biking around the lakes.

Are there bike paths around the lakes or part of the lakes?
If so, any information regarding this would be greatly appreciated.


tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • +2

No bike paths around the lake. On the west side, the section of road between Haikou and Kunming is pretty full of traffic, with no cycle lane. No cycle path N of Fubao on the East side, as you head west, back towards Haigeng Park and XiShan on Hubin Lu. You cannot cycle through Haigeng Park anymore either. However, cycling from Chenggong to Haikou is a long distance, mostly you can use cycle paths, and even where not, the traffic is not too bad. South of Haikou there are lanes that can take you away from the main traffic. Google earth is probably a good way to see those.
Cycling around the Grass Sea section (N of the causeway that is Hubin Lu) is not really feasible. The old roads on the East side are now construction sites, and the west side has narrow roads and heavy traffic.

I wish it was better myself.

jj123 (80 posts) • 0

Thanks Tiger.
I have been looking at the maps, and sometimes the topo map doesn't align with the streets, so not always so clear, and if the map has older with the way construction can move quickly here, it may not be up to date.

From the map, it appears that Fuxian lake has a road

going around the lake.
Dianchi like you mentioned doesn't seem to very hopeful and roads often not very near the lake.

West side of Lake seems close, but some of it appears to be a toll road, i.e. main highway, not good for riding, eh?

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • +1

Ref. Dianchi. There is the old road that runs next to, and sometimes crosses under, the toll road. The problem is the heavy traffic that wants to avoid the toll. You can see the lake, a lot of the time, but you are not really close to it.

Fuxian lake does have a road all of the way around, but the west side is quite hilly and there is a lot of traffic N of Niumocun (about 1/3 the way up), as it joins the main road. After that there are only a couple of opportunities to move onto small roads closer to the lake, and even then only a few KM at a time.
From the North side the roads are not bad, then head down the east side, a couple of big hills, but the biggest one comes first. This is a small road, very scenic for most of the way until you get to the south and hit the farmland on the floodplain.
If it was me, and I wanted a long ride, I would go down then back up the east side. Lots of places to stop and lunch around Haikou (another village with the same name).

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