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Serpenza, C Milk (& ADVChina)

dolphin (264 posts) • -1

Anyway, 99, this is my last post on here ...

Sorry if I may sound contradictory at times, but that's because I'm confused and discombulated.

I don't want to inflate your ego too much, but you might possibly be right. Maybe there is too much corruption and China will not do too well in the long haul.

And as I post this, I stumble across yet another article of an attack on school kids in Beijing.

Sad stuff. Maybe there's no hope.


mr_woggle (3 posts) • +2

Those YouTubers have pretty much covered any topic there is about China. I have followed them for a while. They are well spoken and the video's are interesting. Recent video's seem to go a bit further and seem to be more biased. I think they moved to LA or something and they unleashed their 10 years of frustration and setbacks in China.

I totally agree with Liuming, foolish thing to do if you have family in China. If I would have a wife and kid, I would definitely not say a bad word about China

Anyway, I stopped watching them, because I felt personally attacked. Multiple times they mentioned that as a teacher you are not really invested in China, you probably don't speak Chinese, you don't know what's going on around you, every weekend you just hangout at the expat bar and blabla.

I mean, both of those guys started off as teachers too...

mr_woggle (3 posts) • 0

I'm not looking for enlightenment. I'm just curious about China. As said, they make interesting videos.

But as of late they have some kind of political agenda or at least a tendency to be more explicit in their content.

Latest videos include:
The Mass Exodus of Foreigners from China, China Belt and Road and Why it has failed. We were poisoned in China, Why we have to censor ourselves in China, China is going to a scary change.

Liumingke1234 (2863 posts) • +4

You're absolutely right.

China has many good things about it. If you want to focus on the bad, you will find it in every place you live. There are many other YouTube vloggers that post interesting opinions that's not political. Just do a search.

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