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Serpenza, C Milk (& ADVChina)

Peter99 (1039 posts) • -2

It was just one example. How about the dissappearing kids?

One could easily make a list of 100 just as odd, bizzarre, out of any morality examples. Like that card-box ’meat’ jiaozi, or how about fake tampons.

Hey.....this discussion is getting boring.

Peter99 (1039 posts) • -3
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Just since u edited again. U need a reply to that:

”Try to stay more positive. I mean, you even met Dr. Ho and he told you this in person.”

Hey, theres a line, where a certain responsibility comes in, where u have the moral responsibility to adress issues. Or u have the _right_ to (and should) be concerned when theres a _reason_ or two. It can be to yourself or publicly. To be otherwise, its pretty fuckin ignorant.

The fact that you dont react probably means you dont give a shit about the Chinese. I did. Even to the point where I think its a laowais _responsibility_ to react. Now I think its too late to react, nothing will save this farce anymore. Hope Im wrong.

redjon777 (511 posts) • +1

@dolphin Most of his video titles are click bait and the actual issues talked about in the videos are a bit more down to earth. Still I don’t think anyone would watch them and take it as gospel that’s the way life is in China. It’s just another persons perspective as is most of the stuff written on here. You won’t get me rushing down some backstreet to buy mixian or putting on a tin foil hat just because I read someone’s opinion about stuff here.

All taken with a pinch of salt!

As for the ‘Chinese guy kissed me’ just some old pissed up guy in a small city so excited to see some laowai :o) probably one of the more stupid vids

Liumingke1234 (2899 posts) • +2

I think that anyone who is determine to experience China will let nothing get in there way of coming here. Granted they might be more careful and even more informed because of these Youtube videos. I know personally I didn't care what people said to me before I came here. I had to see things for myself.

michael2015 (572 posts) • -3
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75% of what we see in life sucks on a day to day basis. Depends on HOW you want to see things and value things. Paradise is all a matter of perspective. This does NOT mean we should be blind - merely practical. Accept the things you cannot change - learn to manage them.

Remember this - that paradise you sought - it was there BEFORE you arrived. You're probably despoiling it. Want paradise - create it yourself.

dolphin (266 posts) • -3
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Good post by Michael.

I've met some rich folks in western countries that seem miserable to me. How much of your contentment or lack of contentment should be blamed on external surroundings, no matter where you live?

> How about the dissappearing kids?

That's tragic. And nothing any of us can do anything about. You can't stop your life because of it.

@redjon, that channel seems to be going out of his way to point out only negative stuff about china. they just made the world's cheapest electric car ... it's not all negative.

dolphin (266 posts) • -2

> The 500,000 boxes of fake condoms amounting to 50 million yuan (over $7 million) were confiscated by the authorities.

That's an impressive amount of fake condoms!

Something strikes me as odd here. So what they're saying is that ALL the fake condoms were confiscated?

Or SOME were sold and SOME were confiscated?

But where is the information about recalling the bad ones? Surely the boxes have bar codes where they identify the legit ones? Notice how any recall is conspicuously missing from this article.

This is either fear-mongering or they are bragging about how effective they are at law enforcement.

It's unethical journalism and it needs to be wiped off the planet. And people need to stop reading this crap.

All it does is make you fear the bogeyman.

Peter99 (1039 posts) • -4
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Hey d

My last message here now, for this episode. Things get busy from tomorrow. Cold in Athens - but artists and young entrepreneurs flocking in. Athens spirit is like Kunming 15 years ago: warm.

So what I was going to say. Yes, I fully get it now, why you get so much minus. Even I minused you - tongue in cheek - bcs you should get minus. I was stupid and thought the guys bullied you.

What could possibly have created your thought process that, ummm... messy.....syrupy....uncultivated, sort of. In lack of better word. Maybe if u can somehow heal. I dont know. Like nurture yourself, the thoughts, maybe u also lack empathy. Maybe. Just sound is empty. like grey. A song in only two chords, and one finger hits wrong key.

You shouldnt live in city, maybe, go to the mountains. At least once in a while. The mountains will calm. Maybe. Nature. Maybe use prayer too. Colours. Maybe. Or if u chewing something, get rid of it. Maybe.

See u guys.

Peter99 (1039 posts) • 0

But it was a pleasant visit, when comrade Alien was not around monitoring and sculpturing the discussion now. There was a time in Burma when two three ppl sat around a table, a fourth always joined in, listened and even made notes. Ciao.

(Edit, sorry dolphin, I couldnt edit that text anymore, I thought first u were saying i see ”boogieman” or am just paranoid, sort of, or whatever, so I thought I play about same card back. What I wrote was pretty crap, was tired yesterday. Anyway not going to chew on this anymore)

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