Serpenza, C Milk (& ADVChina)

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Yea, well, heres an answer for you. Just personally, I dont bow to that guy, apply their reality, and dont even subsrcibe them. Honestly - and Im aware this will sound self-righteous - I believe I have seen it deeper than those two guys and have more knowledge on many issues. Im just saying that, so u get the point, its not that Im a fan of some random youtuber who tells about China, even they been around the country. Fuck that, so have many of us.


They are getting closer to the same issues I have criticized here a lot. And had the laowai marxists, dorks and ignoramuses jump on me for. Or try to jump is better word. Thats why I start to find it interesting, because now, two three years later, they are starting to verify my thoughts, impression, knowledge, evaluation, and they got a huge base there now agreeing. Yes, its interesting to see where this will lead. Yesterday Fox (and msm overall) had an article about a c general saying that two us ships should be sunk in the south c sea. I wonder if u have any idea what could possibly happen if real tensions take place. In that zombie environment. Huh. Good lord me out. And thats just one thing. Not possible to trust the food anymore was already enough for me, but I could make a damn long list.

Even saying your thoughts openly and some fuckin comrade Alien may give u out as a ’spy’, no thanks amigo.

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is living in china entirely safe? no.

but even back home is not entirely safe, maybe not for political reasons. there is always an element of society that's ready to act out in negative ways because their lives suck and because they're stupid horrible human beings.

and it's sad that people don't get that news is manipulation. people would do well to turn off their boob tubes.

don't fixate too much on all the negative news and worst case scenarios. it will poison your mind.

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Me came in 1999 to Kunming. If I had come, say, 2011, I’d had no fuckin clue what was going on now, bcs there wouldnt be so much to compare to. I learned the language, to read and write too, and made local connections, and never went a single time to ”Sal’s”. Those days u could eat a mixian in birdflower market without getting fake mixian in footbath and gutter oil, so we didnt have to go to Sals. So the observations and connections made, were different than the typical esl dorks. Of whom a good deal are so ignorant, theres not even much point to communicate anyway. Like that npc meme.

A decadence started creeping in from around 2008, roughly. Since then its become so surreal, with all milk scandals, gutter oils, zombie meat, pollution, corruption you fuckin name it and its there, that it has crossed the treshold fifty times over surreal limit. The moral crisis and all the mental cases that came after the urbanization (with crap construction) that destroyed the psychological field too, when there wasnt even a home anymore. People mentally lost to the point of bewieldering. Btw most chinese intellectuals agree....oh and the anti-foreign sentiment, ready to explode... faking of the environment data in mining yunnan....faking vaccines, snatching kids, social score, vpn, control, control, fake condoms...where shall one stop....organs? Destroyed ground water, heavy metal polluted land...was it a quarter not even arable anymore. And u cant trust even a chicken egg. What happens when economy goes down and the zombies need blood...or what do u dork think could happen when a chinese ship collides so one service member dies, theres people _desperate_ for the green light, ...u known that gua laowai video from chengdu rap where the laowai head is smashed maybe....passed the censors.. ...would choose Leonard Cohens song instead, what was that, .....there be the breaking of the ancient code, your privatel life will suddenly explode...and all the....tryin to sound like charlie manson...I've seen the future, brother, its is ....

Its going down. Good luck

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Anyway. :)

Yea. Did I write it already? Me gone soon from here, ...dont belong in your team, and its not good I say too much truth. And its too much negativity for your Kunming corner from me. You guys have a good time, its cool. But I may be lurking around when the s hits the fan. Wouldnt recommend anyone going into that no go zone now, so its sort of a mixed worry mixed ’what did i say’ thing. Take it easy. Maybe im gone.

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what does "going down" mean?

total cataclysmic apocalypse where everyone is either incinerated or raptured?

fake condoms. ha ha. you know this from personal experience?

faking environmental data. they learned that from Al Gore. global warming. ha ha.

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Nov 21st 2018
”A counterfeit condom syndicate in China was busted by authorities recently following an investigation. The condoms, which were distributed to hotels, supermarkets and vending machine operators, were found to be using the names of major international and local condom brands such as Durex, Jissbon and SixSex. The 500,000 boxes of fake condoms amounting to 50 million yuan (over $7 million) were confiscated by the authorities. As per Zhejiang television via South China Morning Post on Nov. 20, 17 suspects are under criminal detention across the provinces of Hebei, Henan and Zhejiang on the suspicion of manufacturing and selling the said condoms.”

Good luck.

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This is even juicier. Quite recent news.

”CHINESE POLICE have busted a gang of criminals who netted more than £5.5million by recycling used and repackaged condoms, sparking fears of a surge in the spread of infectious diseases such as STIs and unwanted pregnancies.”

Is anyone surprised? Nah. Its so bizzarre, its like from some apocalypse movie or something. Things as usual.

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I am not convinced that all the "fake products" news coming out of China are all entirely true.

Because as I've stated repeatedly, the media is frequently dishonest and it's main goals appear to me to be to manipulate people, keep people in fear, and essentially poison people's minds.

You left China because of condoms?

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All fake product news from China are Chinese news. Those were made international, the first one is Asia One. Second was from UK. Origin in Chinese sources.

Anyone thinking Chinese media would try to scare its population with fake news about fake condoms, .....thats so off, you better get some sleep now.

How has it affected my life? Thats your question?

I mentioned it in the context of how surreal off limit out of morality bizarre things are as one example. And it says all about the moral crisis. Imagine, a country full of std u got a factory recycling fake condoms.

It hasnt affected my life at all. Sure, I was worried about std in China, and its damn good to know came out clean. Hopefully didnt pick up any cancer though. My imagination could run wild on what all I may have consumed.

(So you edited your text while I was replying to it. No big deal, but my answers seem out of context now. Doesnt matter. Go get some sleep now).

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There's a high risk of cancer in China due to air quality. That's true. But a whole lot of people in the west get cancer due mostly (I'm guessing) to poor diet. Cancer rates are quite high in many western countries. Not to mention smoking.

Most of these things don't affect you as much as the media onslaught would like you to believe ... if you consistently fear worst-case scenarios and believe that your life is in the hands of a few shady characters in an illegal condom factory, then your own mind becomes your worst enemy, not STDs. You've defeated yourself. The media has defeated you.

Try to stay more positive. I mean, you even met Dr. Ho and he told you this in person.

Good luck. I'm out. Sick of my own voice.

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