Serpenza, C Milk (& ADVChina)

Peter99 (1186 posts) • -2

So they are talking openly.
Are you guys following the drama?

(Is this an unwelcomed topic here, let me know, I try to be nicer and adapt as good as I can. Talking about if theres dr peppers in walmart just isnt me thing, but if I really try hard, can push that out too.)

Liumingke1234 (3096 posts) • 0

I use to follow them. I did see the latest from them about "foreigner leaving China". They have interesting information for those planning to come or live in China. Although I agree with most of what they are saying, I find that C Milk is condescending. They should be a little careful if they plan to come back to mainland China. They might be put on the 'do not let them in' fly list. Ha.Ha.

redjon777 (539 posts) • -2

It feels to me like the issues with foreigners leaving China are all a bit hyped. They’re still here and going by some of their vids, you’d think they’d of been blacklisted a long time ago if some of their vids were 100% true.

Still a good watch if you’re living in China though. Always good to see how other foreigners make their life here.

Peter99 (1186 posts) • +1

Thanks for comments. I had a big issue with the moral crisis going on and was happy see this as the name of main topic yesterday. I used to find those two guys.....ummmm... a bit naive and pretentious (serpenza) but its like they have cut off their ties now and talk the real rock n roll. Still they could push it further, me, Im waiting for the "mental crisis" mentioned too. Lets see how this ends.

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I wonder if they plan to return at all. There was one video on death threats theyve got, and being accused and reported - you guessed it - as "spy". So apparently the dude walked to the psb saying he is not a spy, thats hilarious. But in recent videos theyve mentioned some holy words, I cant imagine that going unpunished in one way or another. Anyway, lets see...

The fact that they know they are pushing the lines even after all threats and all risks involved, thats brave man. Thats just brave. Id buy them a beer anytime I see them.

Liumingke1234 (3096 posts) • -2

I don't think it's brave. Here's why. When you are married to a Chinese national with ties still to China by way of family,culture, etc. it's not a good idea to burn that bridge. There's really no need to trash China knowing how their culture is. They are a very proud people with a long, long history.

I'm an American, and as such, I can say pretty much anything bad about America but I would still restrain myself from speaking too much ill. Since their wives are Chinese, they should have tone it down a bit. Remember that people 'get to you' through your family(wife, kids, in-laws,etc.) So to me it wasn't brave but foolish. Helpfully they won't get in serious trouble. I've been here for 12 years and being here for so long, I have to be careful what I say to whom. It's not so much out of fear but out of respect that this isn't my home country and I'm a 'guest' here. That being said: I love China! :-).

If you left China, why are you still posting here? Just curious.

Peter99 (1186 posts) • +4


I got curious about Yunnan now when theres different kinds of potential tensions. Had plenty members here jump on me when were warning two three years ago, and Im still confident I get the last word. Im still surprised how ignorant the kunming laowai community must be, but thats not really my problem. And I had no idea how many were marxists or radical left.

Anyway, I invested 15 years of myself in Yunnan so it will always remain a big part of me. But theres no way Im going back, how serious things are now, just everything between pollution, potential threats, fake food, internet, fake construction, moral crisis, mental crisis, censoring, spy accusations, and whatnot. I see it as such a dystopy now its just sad.

Thats my honest answer. I will leave this forum after a while, bcs i know im not good influence here and its not fun to scare ppl continuiusly. But theres also a responsibility to mention some issues openly.

Liumingke1234 (3096 posts) • +2

I hear ya'. You're not alone in your thinking but it's best for it to be unsaid for obvious reasons. Thanks for the reply.

dolphin (384 posts) • -2

I looked this guy up. First of all, he spells his name SerpenTza ... like serpent. like a snake in the grass.

Here are some of the titles of his videos:
"Chinese Guy tries to kiss me"
wow! that's a big deal! that's relevant to your life. don't miss that one. what a filthy country!

"Are Chinese Women Heartless?"
I have a better question. Are Serpentza's Youtube followers brainless?

"The Public Plot in China to Assassinate Me"
Yeah, right. You believe that?

He has some useful stuff on his channel, mixed with trash, mixed with lies. He's a provocateur ... because


Let Don Henley tell us why ....

We got the bubble-headed-bleach-blond
Who comes on at five
She can tell you 'bout the plane crash with a gleam in her eye
It's interesting when people die
Give us dirty laundry

If you're basing your "reality" of China from Serpentza, you're a fool.

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