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Hot Pot ha ha ha

Peter99 (1246 posts) • 0


Not at all. Wonderful city. Lot of destiny like a good city shall have. Just bad weather now.

lemon lover (897 posts) • 0

I am just a humble nobody. I have never been “invited to big smoke chicken by a secret society” and didn’t sample “aconite hotpot in Binchuan”.

Peter99 (1246 posts) • -2

Ya, but morally pretentious.

Who the f cares anyway. If u dont get replies from me anymore, its bcs i will just give a f about u. Whiny man.

pauzotohzhaan (1 post) • 0

Is no way! that because is this way.

west barbarous come from outside. is oafen man and mealtime is simply fondue flavourings
is known too for be easy to makeing.
All the lao wei is only can liking tastey of the rotted thing perhaps the raw uncook thing.
Is similar too the rotted milk, after its cheeses then melts on candle-fire can names it 'fondue;.

use naming convention, thinks they sophisticate.
All them like

also eating rotted vegetable, copies chinese rice vinegar put cucumber inside.
Very simperl in the flavouring. no teaching chef for theyselfs. cannot making fire,cannot talking well.
is Not ready to understanding the hotpot flavour stlye is come from 5000 year history and teachng from mastery chef.
The laowei allways is eating the hotdog, the hamburger, the sandwich, the cream, the cheeses.

Only the italy one can understanding little bit and tries to copying noodle,
no honest and integraly. That noodle come form marco polo when he walking faraway try to copies many style of cooking.
If opium inside hotpot is because sneakish laowei from the portugal has been walk past and place inside.
Try to make addicpted. That why they island shoe is call 'sneaker'.
As the hunter, chase wild rat and somtime chasing the antelope catch with hand or throw rock in home country.
they can be silently cannot see or hear he.
Maybe he hiding downstair, sneakup while eatin gthe hotpot and can not notice they.

( the portugul ones and sometime the englishe one).

redjon777 (560 posts) • 0

Back on topic while the kids play and argue...

Tiger When it comes to most food I'd say I'm with you when it comes to taste (just being British assures that). But gimme a hotpot any day of the week, as long it's not every day otherwise my stomach would start to complain lol.
The leftover dishwater soup is definitely not a great choice but others like a Beef hotpot or a Chongqing style hotpot all wet the appetite. A big part of the whole taste experience comes with the dip for me, done well it makes it all that bit better.

The Chinese hotpot at the end of the day is definitely not a classy meal though. But who needs classy when it comes to taste, just like a bit of fried chicken :o)

Favourite hotpot? Not Chinese, has to be a Thai hotpot. One of my fave meals in Asia!

redjon777 (560 posts) • 0

Anyone having a sudden urge for hotpot tonight? You might want to check out this article that was on the same page as Tigers link :o)[...]

Mind you, most restaurants have this kind of fear factor here in China lol

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