unusual smelling like dandruff or sweep up hair cl

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only one time admittingly if enter the shop selling laowei product such as burrito can smeelling unusual and dirty.
Can lodging one complaint? includes the one strange laowei look and smell wrong and cannot eating satisfactorily until fullness

and canot pleasing to nosebuds of anyone. The smelling is wrong like old man barber shop floor o.k? greasy and dandruff smelling,

so cannot eat well. Needing go home at onnce and finding normal takeaway without old beef wrap in dandruff pancake.

Why the laowei making the beef mince not wearing gloves on? and shaving beardd at the tableside?

headtop is dry and flaking like the dry bushel in sunshine by the roadside on public motor carriage way truck stop.

Burrito stylings iss sloppyness and discourage customer. Better to home-makeing / home-baking.

the old decoratings is no good and for the modernity and can discouraging for all business people professional cannot client.
If thinking more expense can find ways to help you and however laowei is too cheap for me needs more taste and no classy enough.
Only needs to take the time taking care of the outward appearing and can be in public without shame on whole family ancestor and treeline.

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