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Chenggong Area?

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • -4
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I guess if you're from a soulless suburb in the USA you'll find Chenggong is just like home.b

bucko (681 posts) • 0

I think prices are up to 15-20 K now. But vary depending on location. Where I live there are a few places for sale by owner. Most are sold, but many empty and not not remodeled. I think they were bought for investment purpose.
Typical management. Visually, all well kept, but typical hands off management concerning rules.

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • 0

Most are sold. Many empty. That's my understanding too. Huge numbers were sold at big discounts to employees of big organisations. Since prices are either still going up or at least not falling they're still sitting on a profit. But they don't want to live there and they're not renting them out because rents are too low. Because no-one else wants to live there either.

vicar (803 posts) • 0

Kunming is miles better than Chengone in all aspects. I'd go to somewhere like Dali if I wanted a quieter place to live.

zehner (8 posts) • +2

I've been living in Chenggong since August.

The air is clean, roads aren't jammed up with cars and there are lots of parks to wander around. There are a couple of ok bars near the Qi Cai Yunnan mall and a few decent Dai, noodle and sushi places.

There's nothing here like Sals or O'Reilly's. You can jump on the metro and be in Kunming in 45 minutes.

Unitown is about 5km down the road with lots of bars and restaurants. There's only one "expat" style bar there...."Fiona's bar"

We have a popular Hash group in Chenggong and meet up once a month to walk on trails in the area.

You can check out our video here: youtu.be/eyFBumpYVlg

PM me if you want any more details.

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