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Chenggong Area?

JanJal (1060 posts) • 0


"never seen compensation housing being houses in urban/suburban areas"

Many Chinese (and non-native English speaker foreigners us well) may refer to apartments as houses, when speaking of city dwelling.

jj123 (83 posts) • 0


Yes, the construction was one concern for one apt complex we had looked at.

We got two different numbers from the agents on what percentage of housing was lived in, 50% and 70%.

One thing that has happened in that particular complex as with others, is that the builder will lease out the housing to remodeling companies and then they fix them up to rent out on a temp basis.

I'm not sure if those housing would be included or not in their "stats", but that's why I like the monthly rental because if its construction heaven there then we take off.

The other apt. complexes near university town are older and mostly built, and I assume not nearly as many in the building phase.

Like I had mentioned before we have been looking at the apts near the hotel and luo long park as well.

tigertiger - moderator (5085 posts) • 0

Those apartments near the hotel are very family oriented developments. Although the number available for rent is low, suggesting a good area with a stable population. The occupancy rate is very high.
Occupancy rates can be deceptive. Most realtors will give you the figure for the neighborhood they are in, as that is the area they know, and will be a guess. The actual figure for Chenggong overall might not be very helpful to know for your purpose anyway.

jj123 (83 posts) • 0


That area near the hotel and south of the LuoLong Park was a consideration.
Wal Mart and shopping center close and subway line right there, seems good.

This has been our discussion on making a choice.

Yeah, I don't have too much confidence in what the agents say.

Reese (6 posts) • 0

Chenggong is a great place. Has everything now.. even a burger king, McDonald's, and a Walmart opening this year. Only two areas worth looking at though. So if you come you definitely need to know where to look, as much of it is empty. But the financial area, and the university town are very populated. There is even a microbrewery, and a french cafe. But again if you don't know where to look...I suggest getting a scooter and driving around Yunnan Normal University ask some students which way to explore. And look up the burger king that is here and explore that area as well.

jj123 (83 posts) • 0


Thanks for the input.
WalMart is opening near University town, or ?
I believe there is one off of Dounan stop as I had mentioned earlier.

Could you tell me what is considered the "financial area", like what subway stop it is near?

Microbrewery would be very cool.

bucko (687 posts) • +1

I've been living in Chenggong for over 5 years. Moved from Dianchi area. Best thing I ever did.
Going to Kunming is easy with the train or by car. I have a gas moto to zip around, but the open spaces, less noise and traffic, and clean air make it an ideal location.
I bought my townhouse near Yunnan Bai You and shopping is just a few km away.

Convienant and clean living.

tigertiger - moderator (5085 posts) • 0

@bucko, what are property prices like in your area? What is the occupancy rate, and what is property management like? If you don't want to answer on open forum, feel free to PM me.

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