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Chenggong Area?

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • -2

Subjectively speaking, I would say a Walmart adds to the awfulness. And Chenggong is almost entirely high rise buildings. At least in the rest of Kunming there are people living in them. Anyway seems like you've made your mind up so good luck. :)

jj123 (83 posts) • +2

Thank You Cloud.
With Kids and a certain desire for particular foods that aren't found in a local store, Wal Mart makes life easier and better.

Why would I care if there are buildings with no one living in them?
And I wish that were true when it comes to the Apt. complexes we've been looking at, it would be much easier to find a place that suits our requirements.

Anyways, to each his own, right?

Napoleon (1183 posts) • +1

It's grim out Chengong way. It's where they banish government workers from the city.

If you're looking to rent then empty apartments are something you should be concerned about. Someone has to own the apartment, do it up, then rent it out. Every empty one is one house you can't live in.

Plus most of the houses in Chengong are compensation houses given to farmers who lost their homes when the builders stormed through. So you'll have deliverance living next door.

jj123 (83 posts) • +1


Funny, and stop scaring me, haha.
In your opinion why would you say it's "grim"?

The complex we have been looking at is right next to Shilin street, so at least there would be bbq? ha.

I'm assuming that many of the apts are rented out to students and teachers, besides the farmers?

The complex at the last stop are relatively new, and there are many one can rent on a monthly basis without dealing with agents, so that may be our first choice, and if it's really not good for us, then we can change our thinking.


Not worried about schooling at this time.

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • +1

The chap seems admirably determined so I suggest we let him find out for himself.

kingofthekerb (131 posts) • +1

why all the hate for Chenggong? :D

some people prefer to live surrounded by parks and fresh air. and it's not like it's impossible to go downtown if you need.... well, whatever it is that the center has

tigertiger - moderator (5085 posts) • +2

Once you get away from Yunnan Normal university and the shopping/restaurant area near there, things get much quieter, especially at night. As you head further out, there are lots of villa complexes, some of the ones near Yunnan Bai Yao park are really nice. Then as you go further towards Fuxian Hu on the old route it is mostly villas, but very empty.
I have never seen compensation housing being houses in urban/suburban areas. Often the displaced villagers are given two or three apartments to make up for the space they lost. I have only seen them get houses in much more rural areas. Although I stand to be corrected.
Moving into 3/4 empty apartment buildings does have one major downside. Decoration noise. As you may be aware, property here is handed over as a pretty much empty shell. The drilling, banging and other construction noise can go on for months; and then the next apartment starts decoration. Because of the structure of Chinese buildings, you can here the noise from 3 or more floors above and below; not just on the same floor.
If you go to the Northern end of Chengong, by the government buildings, there are lots of low rise apartments (4 floors).

Those near the Howard Johnson hotel are close to more than one park, and the Metro Line 1.

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