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High-Speed Rail to Lijiang

dr.JK (23 posts) • +1

Any updates on the high-speed rail to Lijiang? I heard it's opening on the 28th (a week from today!), but not sure if it's possible to buy tickets yet, and if so, how to (nothing on ctrip).

Anonymous Coward (328 posts) • +1

I was going to post a similar topic last week, but didn't because usually such questions don't get very good answers. This is largely because the information is generally not available to the public. The last I heard was that the rail link would be open by the end of 2019. Do you have a source for the 28th?

Philou (208 posts) • 0

Tickets are now on sale, looks like only 3 trains a day, from Kunming Station (昆明站) 220 yuan.

The slower night trains still exist, unlike the ones for Dali that disappeared with the fast train.

There are also new faster trains to Jianshui (in about 2h) and Mengzi (in less than 3), around 1 hour shorter, via Kunming South.

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