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Yunnan Ionia

Peter99 (1039 posts) • -9
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Isnt it strange, that Greece has an old name ”Yunnan” (Ionian). And that India called all invaders from West and Ancient Ionia ”Yonas”. Then when the Islamic conquest came to India, they were Yonan, Yavana, Yonas....(wiki:) ”Yavana was used along with Turuka, Turuska, Tajik, and Arab more than Mussalaman or Muslim for invaders professing Islam as their religion”.

Oh, And when Yuan dynasty took over Yunnan the burmese who used to call Yunnan by its buddhist name ”Gandalarit”, changed it to ”Turek” (etymology in Turks). And Yunnan changed its name to ”Yunnan”, this same time, with a governor from what then was from Yona area called Sayyid Ajall Shams al-Din Omar al-Bukhari and started commonly to use the name Yunnan. With a Yuan administration and mass immigration of Islam to Yunnan, at that time 13th C.

Isnt that strange?

What do our Kunming laowais think, some who even can count to five in Chinese? Having been there several years by now.

Strange, indeed?

dolphin (266 posts) • +5

What’s even stranger is that you appear to be on a crusade to bash the place and poison everyone else’s mind with your jaded twisted perceptions, fear mongering fake Nostradamus prophecies, irrelevant revisionist history and other bs.

You know the most annoying Xmas song? Well, you’re even more annoying.

lemon lover (695 posts) • +4

Looks like not only James Callis is working with a “radon bullshit generator”. Peter99 you are lacking behind, James got the swearing and insulting thing already under control.

Peter99 (1039 posts) • -9
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See, I just cracked the ancient code of ”Yunnan” right in front of your eyes. Would shake history of China if it moves on from here.

Amusing reactions.

Can we also hear the pathetic englishman say ”troll”. You loonie lefties never cease to amaze.

michael2015 (572 posts) • +2

Assuming what you say is mostly true - entertaining. And yes, I've noticed many linguistic sounds and phrases have similarities - but I've never studied linguistics so couldn't really comment academically on the topic.

You MIGHT want to tone down the liberal bashing though - the world needs balance - and liberals also serve their purpose. It's when things swing OUT of balance that competitive hatred arises, and that's never a good thing.

cloudtrapezer (351 posts) • +1

You have to wonder why someone who doesn't even live in Kunming wastes his time posting messages that are both idiotic and abusive.

dolphin (266 posts) • +1

He is trying to validate his departure maybe. Also, bitterness. Like the man said, you would need a separate therapy thread to sort out the why part.

Bamei, that is correct. Sometimes. And the opposite is also true. Some people never connect dots that are connected.

Anyway, I retract my first comment as I am not exactly sure what the OP is talking about and I will give the benefit of the doubt that there is some validity to statements. Who knows? Who cares? I am not sure any of this has any direct relevance to my itty bitty existence.

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