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Tensions in the horizon?

Peter99 (1039 posts) • -10
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Ishmael will soon be standing on 人民广场 and sing The Internationale from the depth of his throat, waving a note ”Im on your side” with some red stamp included. Singing it in both Korean and Chinese with a pulse rate over 150 bpm.

Expect me be back when things get more tense. Bye for now.

Ishmael (121 posts) • +2

I don't know where you are, Peter, but we're here and we aren't participating in your paranoia-from-a- distance. Suggest you calm down.

bilingualexpat (220 posts) • +2

Shadows much too often bury the light. The world needs to be inspired than to fear.

Here's a picture of former Yunnan Governor/current CPC Secretary of Yunnan Chen Hao shaking hands and awarding our very own American cardiologist & professor Dr. Detrano the Yunnan Friendship Award for bridging the two countries through altruism:



Amid "tensions," wishing tonight's Have a Heart fundraiser event much success! May spotlight be cast on these compassionate volunteers & givers.

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