Yunnan University vs Yunnan Normal University

pineapplelimeexp (1 post) • 0

I am interested in studying mandarin at a Kunming university. I have seen that both Yunnan and Yunnan Normal university have similarly priced non-degree Chinese language courses ~$12,000rmb per year.

I'm hoping some knowledgable person can give me a quick comparison between the two univerties/courses:
1. class hours p/week
2. campus location (have heard the mandarin course may be on campus far from central?)
3. accommodation (price, quality, off-campus options?)
4. overall experience /personal opinion as to which option is best

tigertiger (4792 posts) • +3

Ranking a place of employment, is not the same as ranking a place of learning, or even a specific course. If you are going to use the link in the last post, only look at factors that would affect you as a student, not the overall ranking.
For the OPs Qs.
Q1. They will be the same.
Q2-3. Contact the Uni directly.
Q4. Even if you contact the other students, their opinion will be subjective. Some people like lots of homework, some like flexibility, others a rigid methodology, some people like approachable staff.

NB If you are really serious about learning and practice, Kunming people do not speak standard Mandarin. Other cities might be better for you.

michael2015 (572 posts) • 0

Yunnan University website: ynu.edu.cn.

Contact their foreign affairs office for direct questions. The amount of support, courtesy, and helpfulness is a good initial indicator of what your experience will be like.

You can google Yunnan Normal's website to do something similar.

Ishmael (120 posts) • 0

For what it's worth, Yunda just won the best-place-to-study-Chines-in-Kunming award at the gokunming awards festival last night.

mr_woggle (18 posts) • 0

Quality of YunDa is better, since they have more exchange programs set up with Korean, Vietnamese, Bangladesh's and Laos universities. You will probably join a class with these students

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