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Work permit: Hong kong or Chiang Mai?

veravdn (31 posts) • 0

Hi, I am Dutch national currently living in Kunming. I heard rumors that you now have to travel back to your native country to get issued with a work permit.. who knows the latest on this? I would like to go to Chiang Mai (cheap!) or Hanoi rather than Hongkong, but whichever is fastest and with the highest succesrate is best of course. Would love to hear the lastest experiences. Thanks!

DanTheMan (570 posts) • 0

I don't think success rate is an issue. My understanding is once you get the invitation letter, it's basically 100%.

I've done it previously at Hanoi and Chiangmai. I remember them being a bit on the slow side (any maybe not having an expedited service for extra fee available?). Maybe a two or three business days, something like that.

veravdn (31 posts) • +1

Thank you! The only thing I was not 100% sure about is if they issue to people who have no Thai residency. When did you last get it there? Things have become a bit harder lately, so I am really interested in recent experiences. They do have an express service apparently, and it should be one or two working days. It's a lot cheaper than Hong kong because you can avoid the agency fees and accommodation etc is cheaper. Will share my experiences here once I've got it.

Ishmael (121 posts) • 0

No recent experiences, but I don't think Thai residency is a problem and in the past everything was easier in Chiangmai than in Hanoi.

JanJal (651 posts) • 0


Firstly your terminology is wrong. You don't apply for work permit in consulate, you apply for work visa.

Work permit you get after you come to China.

But even before you get to apply for work visa, the employer must create a "work permit notice" for you.

They input data for this online and then print and stamp a paper, which they e/mail to you so you can apply for work visa with it.

The "work permit notice" that is required as attachment to work visa application, includes information about which country you will apply for work visa. It don't remember if it shows in the paper, but the information is stored in system, and consulate staff can check it from there.

I know, because I did all that paperwork as employer to myself earlier this year, so I got to know both the employer and employee parts.

The official policy is that you will then need to apply for work visa in the specific country that is mentioned in your "work permit notice".

Now, some consulates may not follow this policy to the letter (especially in the past when this electronic system didn't exist), but it also means that they can change their own implementation on a whim.

If you indeed want to apply for work visa in HK or Thailand, then you should inform this to your employer in advance, and have them input this to the system.

I suspect that if that part is done by the book, then (non)residence in such a third country is not a major issue.

Napoleon (1175 posts) • +1

I believe that in HK you can now get a visa the same day. When they are on a visa purge, such as around Chinese New Year, National Day and the February government meetings, getting a visa anywhere other than your home country or HK is very difficult, even if you have stated the third country on your visa application.

If you want a safe bet, HK. You can take a budget airline or the train to get there, it won't be that expensive to get there. Plus, it's a work visa - Why would you care what it costs? Bill your employer.

veravdn (31 posts) • +1

@JanJal, thanks! To be more precise re. terminology: the employer applies for the work permit, which I will then take to the consulate to get my visa, and get a residence permit once I'm back in China. I've gone through the whole process once before. I have everything ready, now I need to choose which consulate to go to get the visa when I apply for the work permit.

@napoleon, yes, that's exactly my concern!

I like my employers so I don't want to load them with additional costs that can be avoided, plus I would prefer to go to Chiang Mai instead of Hongkong, hence my questions.

Any recent experiences with Chiang Mai?

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