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University Jobs in Kunming

miealex (23 posts) • 0

Hi there,

I am a teacher with many years of experience and I was wondering how to get into University teaching here. I see many jobs posted here for kindergartens and such but not so many for University. I hear about these kind of jobs from friends a lot but maybe I just don't know where to look.

If anyone can offer any advice I would greatly appreciate it. Where can I find English teaching jobs in Universities here? Can anyone put me in touch with someone?

Thanking you in advance

Lanajot (47 posts) • +2

Here is a position advertised on Gokunming about two weeks ago: Yunnan College of Business Management is looking for a full or part-time English Teacher.

Please Contact: Joshua Zhang at 13608883603 or at work 66383852

Lanajot (47 posts) • +1

Yunnan University of Finance and Economics (International Languages and Cultures School) also advertised in the classifieds about two weeks ago.

tigertiger (4910 posts) • +5

There is a main season for Uni recruitment ads around spring time, when they are recruiting for autumn term. This is why you don't see many ads at the moment. An early approach makes is always possible, and sometimes welcomed.

Be aware that uni pay is not high, but you get free accommodation (usually an on campus apartment), one return flight home at the end of your contract, basic medical cover, free Chinese classes, and cheap meals. The maximum teaching hours is 16 per week (Mon- Fri), anything more earns overtime. There are no office hours. Your teaching schedule is fixed, which means you can get on with the rest of your life.

At a private business pay is higher, but your schedule can chop and change regularly, and at short notice, and many tie you down with office hours, some will even aim at having you on the premises 40 hours a week, including evenings and weekends.

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