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Dragon Boat Races, not at Haigeng Park

tigertiger (4792 posts) • +3

The Dragon Boat races this weekend are not at Haigeng Park as advertised. They never have been. They are at Haigeng Dam (DaBa). This is on Guangjing Lu, between the junctions with HongTa Xi Lu and Ying Hai Lu. About 3km from Haigeng Park main entrance.

If you are going to be on Dianchi Lu this weekend, expect traffic congestion south of Guangfu Lu. There will probably be road closures off of YingHai Lu, and off of DianChi Lu and HongTa Lu near the Minorities Village roundabout.

JanJal (655 posts) • +1

This will be slightly off-topic, but we went to the Dragon Boat World Championships event that was hosted there some time ago, and I was rather disappointed at the viewing organization.

The side of the arena with view gets crowded, and the only seating platforms were reserved for VIPs or something.

You really couldn't see much of the races unless you elbowed through.

Best glimpse of the athletes and some international athmosphere seemed to be on the road side at the competitors' toilet area.

Also I didn't expect to have hotdogs available, but at least some Chinese barbeque, squid or something. But no, really poor offerings.

At least it was free entry.

tigertiger (4792 posts) • 0

I think that they will be out early for practice and I think that the first day is just practice. It was last year. No crowds and you can get to see the teams. I will have a look tomorrow.

Geezer (1863 posts) • +1

I hate to say it but the best Dragon Boat races I ever saw were in Long Beach, California. Lots of teams, some international, continual racing all day long. Big winner, and most impressive winner was the girls team from Shanghai. They beat everybody even the best men's team. Great fun!

tigertiger (4792 posts) • +1

I had a look this morning. The teams start heading out on the water at around 9.30 am,

practicing their starts etc. At that time the railings on the promenade were only about 50% occupied by people and there is no need to push and shove if you want to get a good view.

I have not seen a program for the day and I have no idea when races begin. I won't be going back for the races, as I don't like crowds.

redjon777 (511 posts) • 0

Don’t mind crowds so much, Chinese crowds, well that’s another entity entirely lol. The whole areas gonna be a pain this weekend.

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