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You've never seen the Hulu ad with Alec Baldwin?

TV is an evil plot to destroy the world!

Alec Baldwin: TV turns human brain to mush ! / Hulu


Maybe 80% to 90% of TV / films are garbage that waste your time ... all those stupid 'action' films with 2 hours of car chases etc....

But not all 'entertainment' is created equal. Many great books are made into films ... I'd rather watch Lord of the Rings than read the books ...

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Has anyone ever tried to book a flight to North Korea?

Beijing -- > North Korea

this flight doesn't exist. north korea doesn't exist. no flights.

the flight doesn't exist. north korea doesn't exist.

If you type in Beijing --> North Korea , it shows a non-stop flight to Pyongyang.
But then every single time I try to click on that flight to get more info, the page times out and gives an error message. I try Beijing --> South Korea and no error message. Error message only comes up for North Korea every single time I've tried (like 10 times).

Nothing suspicious here ... 2 major travel sites show the flight as non-existent. And another major travel site shows a flight that exists, but you can't access it.

If anyone can book that "alleged mystery" flight from Beijing to Pyongyang, I'll pay the ticket for you.

dolphin (509 posts) • 0

ok, very interesting.
it does appear to work. it reaches the page that asks for the passport number. so that's the only site where you can book a flight to north korea? interesting.

lemon lover, so please book and go there and report back to us. i will buy you a kimchi.

lemon lover (891 posts) • +2

Basically booking tickets is not important when you like to go to the DPRK. You have to be invited in order to get a visa and this has to be done through an officially licensed tour agency or by an official body in NK. They then will do the ticket booking as well. Basically the Air Koryo site is for those who have a multiple entry visa for the DPRK and NK business men working outside NK. Tourist can only book official well guarded and controlled official tours which include everything (Tour, accommodation, food, drinks, entry tickets, visa and flight ticket).
Western booking sites cannot offer tickets to the DPRK because their payment system is based on western banks which cannot deal with Air Koryo because of international sanctions.
Air China has flights as well to NK.
Have been there and have no intention of ever going back even when you give me a free ticket.
“a kimchi” does not exist like ‘a’ hamburger or ‘a’ hot-dog. Kimchi is a side dish (Korea and especially NK is the country of the side dishes) or an ingredient in other dishes.
I recommend you get a one way ticket…………………..

dolphin (509 posts) • -6
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yeah, i'm getting a one ticket off the forum.
wait a minute. i just noticed point 4. you haven't been there. you are full of baloney.

lemon lover (891 posts) • +1

‘Balony’ interesting. Especially since it is coming from mister Spam.

"(to be) full of baloney"
the information a person is offering is full of falsehoods, nonsense or foolishness
Please dolphin point out to me where the information I am offering is full of falsehoods, nonsense or foolishness.
I just helped you to not end up at Beijing Airport at the check in desk, with your ticket to Pyongyang in hand, to find out that that is the end of your journey. Of course you are welcome to do so and after that we talk again about who is full of Balony.
PS: Get your Shift key fixed.

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