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Worker visa

tigertiger (5000 posts) • +1

If you come here to work illegally, the kind of people who will welcome you are probably a bit unsafe to be in business with. You have no protection in law if you are working illegally. There are people here who make a living out of exploiting this fact.

Alexez (339 posts) • +1

If you come to any country and start to do the biz with completely strangers ( means people who are not your friends from school or something like that ) , you should be careful , right? Doesn't apply in China only. It's better to live in that country first, understand the local culture and people. In certain stage also good to learn a language coz that is very helpful for understanding the local culture and easier to distinguish who is suitable for the cooperation you need (just generally speaking ). Also it helps you to prevent some problems, where your biz can go wrong in matter of cooperation with those people ( not the potential problem with idea or biz concept ).
Coming here from very different culture and language , starting some biz with some people connected with you somehow. Well...think about it.

Why they need you and will they need you in few years time when biz is running? Can u loose something when u r not here and control it? Why they would they follow exact agreement and not doing something from what they would benefit more

without you noticing it or not having an ability to control it? And so on, so on...so on. These and many more questions u have to ask your self before start any biz in any country with that kind of concept you r attempting (going to different country to do biz with locals). I would suggest to get in touch with foreigners who already doing biz with locals , some of them might share their experiences , that could be eye opening for you.

Speak of the viza, different topic. Depends on what position you want to be in that biz.and how long u r planning to stay. There are few options. If u have more questions, u can send me PM.

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