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Ishmael (462 posts) • 0

a little over a week ago my cellphone and laptop internet connection died on the same day.
I figured it was coincidence. Got a new cellphone, got the guy to come to redo my Internet connection. Then everything worked again.
4 days ago my computer asked me to re-enter my pisswords etc. with both yahoo and gokunming. I floundered for hours but finally managed to do it, though I had to get new pisswords. Everything worked again.
3 days ago 2 cops came to my door with papers. They were polite, just needed me to sign something about police registration (I was fully registered). Did so; everybody friendly. I asked them to stay for tea but they didn't have time.
Heard rumors of strange events on Halloween. They didn't involve me. Persons who had been absent from the street for a number of hours reappeared unharmed (well, they LOOKED like the same people...)
This morning I found that my name is Ishmael, not Alien. Oka-ay...
2 hours ago 3 cops came to see me, wanted to see/photograph my passport - seems my xitong had got messed up somehow. All smiley, no hassles. We found my last entry stamp into the PRC; photographed; all good.
They didn't want tea either.
Is it just me? Or has somebody recently shifted the Infinite Improbability Drive into 5th gear? Or is Trump behind this?

michael2015 (641 posts) • -2

If you didn't do it - you've been hacked. The fastest although most ruthless way to recover is to completely wipe your OS, re-install a clean OS and apps from factory disks or direct downloads. Then go change ALL your passwords.

Hopefully (assuming you're using a WinOS) your boot partitions have NOT been infected.

As for PSB popularity...never had that kind of excitement.

Ishmael (462 posts) • 0

yeah, it's all weird here...if I didn't do what? What's an OS? My boots are fine... I'm only smoking Zhongnanhai 5mg...

lemon lover (838 posts) • 0

Well that is what you get if you changed your pissword. Never change your pissword because then you get pissed off.

Maybe Miyamoto Musashi after all was right and there indeed is too much lead in Zhongnanhai 5mg

bilingualexpat (220 posts) • +2

Copchecks & courtesy calls are probably just new protocol by local police. Nothing to fret about on an individual basis. Like all the newly installed street cameras & VPN outages, it's part of a wider surveillance upgrade in South of the Clouds.


Wiping OS is a bit premature. Like getting chemo without proper diagnosis from an oncologist. Though as a general rule, good cyber security hygiene goes a long way, paranoid or not.

First of all, upgrade your antivirus on both your laptop and phone. Install the best AV on the market, Bitdefender Total Security 2019. Special link for free 3-month trial:


2. Use Lastpass to handle all your passwords.

3. Install Keyscrambler Pro to encrypt your keystrokes to thwart any keyloggers, which can easily sneak into your system if you exhibit unsafe browsing habit.

Here's a download link (w/ attached serial text file):


4. Yahoo accounts are consistently compromised. Such that they will force you to reenter pisswords only to be compromised again. Switch go Google services if possible.


Stay well alien!

DanTheMan (594 posts) • 0

I got a call from cops today. Something about a new system, asked me to come register again. They were polite, but it's also sort of annoying and a bit of an inconvenience. Oh well, TIC.

Ishmael (462 posts) • -1

Odd that it all came down at once - the cops, the computer, the computer's battery, the cellphone, the pisswords, Halloween, the worm (now dead, we think). Got a friend to straighten me out - I hope - but I guess you can 'Call me Ishmael' now - the Pequod's gone forever.

"Haul on the bowline, we sang that melody,
As all tough sailors do, when they're far away at sea." - Dylan

Now I'm told I have 2 operating accounts, Ishmael & alienew - thanks to gokunming, but I think I'll be Ishmael for awhile - too many identities can lead to serious problems - are there any online psychiatric services out there? It's only online that I need them - well, that's my opinion, you might ask for a second one...

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