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Poll: Proposed change to GoKM voting function

herenow (352 posts) • -10
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Further to the recent discussion on the "GoKunming feedback" thread, please upvote or downvote this post to vote for or against the following proposal.

Proposal: The GoKunming forums should limit each user to no more than two downvotes for every upvote he/she casts.

Example: If you have cast 10 downvotes and 5 upvotes to date, then the site will automatically prevent you from downvoting any more posts until you have upvoted another post.

Rationale: The downvote function will be retained in order to serve the useful purposes that some users have cited in the "GoKunming feedback" thread. At the same time, this change will limit the number of downvotes in order to mitigate counterproductive effects that have been discussed on that same thread. And the 2:1 negative-to-positive ratio will still leave ample scope for those who are inclined to be critical.

herenow (352 posts) • -2

Why not? Some were calling for getting rid of the downvote function or otherwise criticizing it, and some wanted to keep it, so what I proposed struck me as a reasonable compromise that everyone could potentially live with.

I mean, it's obvious that that was too optimistic since the idea is getting hammered in the voting, and I respect the verdict, but I don't see how "you can't be serious" applies here. (Unless your whole post was purely in jest -- it's hard to tell.)

bilingualexpat (218 posts) • -2


I like your initiative and enthusiasm! lol

But I don't believe this poll will be a fair representation of the communal voice. Just my opinion.

As you mentioned in the GoK feedback thread, there may be certain users who are trying to "game the system" with multiple accounts or mob alliances as revealed by the studies I've just shared. These are proponents of down-voting who aggressively wield this tool to their advantage, and to the ill-effects for the larger body of the community.

Moreover, bystanders who see early negatives votes may be more inclined to conform by adding a few more. The so-called hive-mind phenomena.

ASatiricalBloke (103 posts) • -4
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My wife wants a boy and I, a girl. So we compromised and settled on having a hermaphrodite.

alienew (422 posts) • 0

@bilingual: Perhaps one problem might be that of imagining posters here and elsewhere constituting a 'community' through their posts. Words lose their meanings when stretched too far. Serious communal reality has to be elsewhere.

michael2015 (706 posts) • -2

Instead of upvoting and downvoting - how about just eliminate the issue by requiring REAL names and REAL ID registration. Most of the flame wars occur because of anonymity and the sense of impunity and invulnerability imparted.

By using REAL names and REAL IDs - the mask is removed and people will be somewhat more responsible in their online personas. The downside is identity theft risk.

As for modifications - the user community complained about the forums and gokm initiated the voting system as a general solution - which is pretty cool as, aside from the ability to create multiple aliases and spam the system (why anyone would spend the time to do that is debatable) - the system helps gauge the general participating communities' reactions to posts.

As for changing the system - I'm sure if the community offered to PAY for the modification or changes - gokm would happily embrace any sane request.

I'm not willing...

alienew (422 posts) • +1

Storm in a teacup, suggest we drop the whole issue and go on to something more useful, I can't seriously care about this anymore.

Geezer (1934 posts) • -4
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Haha "Words lose their meanings when stretched too far." I, well i am not sure that in this case (I could be wrong (or even right) or, who knows). Clearly, often I don't know (but I'm gonna comment anyway) especially after consulting my dictionary (or my thesaurus) for the longest multi-syllabic, maybe confusing, words I can find.

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