Wonders Of Yunnan Travel


Metro maps to surface map

michael2015 (597 posts) • -2

Waiting for one or more of the gokm contributors to do spot pieces on various stations of interest - foodies, culture, shopping, etc.

Suggest starting with bird's eye views of each line, end to end, then drop into a series of details on each station of interest....maybe.

ASatiricalBloke (103 posts) • -1

Maybe instead of waiting, you can take the lead and write the first one, make it into a family outing.

May I suggesting going to Tongde station where your wife can go crazy with your credit card and you can berate your kids on how to behave in public once they start to act up.

Dazzer (2759 posts) • -2

you dont need to take kids to tongde to beat them. thanks to the wally family you can take them to walmart and beat them in public to show you are good parents, like they do in akansas

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