Metro maps to surface map

tigertiger (4912 posts) • 0

I have been looking but cannot find a surface map that shows the metro stations. Google maps appears to only show line one.

This would help a lot when I have a map location for a place and I need to

find out if there is a metro station nearby, and which one would be best.

Has anyone seen any published maps that show this?

AlPage48 (1110 posts) • 0

Google Maps is seriously out of date but I do see Metro stations for line 2.
What appears to be totally missing is line 3.

Bing maps doesn't show any of the Metro stations, and it is also missing line 3.

tigertiger (4912 posts) • 0

Thanks Giggi. The open streetmap meets my needs.

NB maps.google.cn is not blocked in China. It has very little English text, but pinyin works.

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