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Buying a travel bicycle

RedBer (2 posts) • 0

Thank's a lot for the many answers you've helped me a lot. I think the best way is to order a bike on Taobao because I found a good, cheap travel bike there. The name of the brand is Boskey and I think it's also the cheapest way to order the other stuff on taobao.

gokunming is a really nice website many thank's to the responsible persons!!!

many thank's


bilingualexpat (220 posts) • 0

Great, another step closer to embarking on your journey!!

Feel free to update the community en route to your destination.

Also, be sure to peruse Taobao's seller review standings. You can also check out sister site Tmall which are oftentimes more reliable.

If your trip is still a month away, you might consider delaying your purchases until midnight of November 10. The biggest online shopping discount day nationwide on 11/11, otherwise known as 双十一.

tigertiger (4912 posts) • 0

Yes, Tmall. The sellers have to have a much more substantial deposit lodged to satisfy any customer complaints, and if they get too many complaints I believe they get booted off. If you are looking for a quality seller (more likely to have a goo product and after sales service, and no quibbles returns) look for the tmall logo next to the sellers on taoba0

dolphin (326 posts) • -2

My god.
Why does everyone have to buy everything online? There is a bike shop in every neighbourhood. Bricks and mortar has worked for thousands of years.

bilingualexpat (220 posts) • 0

You should call Jeff Bezos and ask him why he's the world's richest man.

While you're at it, perhaps call Jack Ma and ask why he's the second wealthiest in China, behind the other online magnate Pony Ma of Tencent.

Pony once said his greatest mistake in life was not investing in Jack's Alibaba at the onset.

dolphin (326 posts) • -2

Pony. Is that a boys name or a girls name?

I don’t want to hijack-ruin yet another thread. Have fun with shady taobao retailers ... I looked stuff up on there once and every retailer has a vastly different price for the same product. How is that possible?

bilingualexpat (220 posts) • +1

Which is why on Tmall there are the "官方" or the original companies that have online presence. Like Costco, GAP, Nike, perhaps Boskey, and most global retail name brands you can think of.

They will most likely hold once a year massive sales events on aforementioned 11/11. Tmall will also contribute to the discounts with “红包” which users will have to "" snatch up in days leading up. They could be in the form of presale deposits as inventory and logistics get hectic around that time. "快递" deliveries may get pushed back.

dolphin (326 posts) • -2

Ok fair enough.
time out Beijing had a story about the best bike shops in Beijing ... maybe Go km can do a similar story.
I don’t buy a million things and will always prefer to walk into a shop whenever possible to see the item in person and only shop online when I have no choice. So I don’t know why bezos is the richest man in the world. He must be a lot smarter than me because I am perplexed.

bilingualexpat (220 posts) • 0

Savvy shoppers always walk into shops, try out and compare products. They won't purchase but would copy down the product number, and search for it online for a better price. I know, it's unfair for the b&m middle man.

tigertiger (4912 posts) • +1

Good point about 11/11. If you buy on that date, most offers continue for a few days , you get big discounts.

As for paying too much , or getting fake products, this is more likely in the small bricks and mortar stores. Paying too much almost certain. Ask a Chinese friend, all of mine trust Taobao more than small shops, they are more savvy than us on this.

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