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Website for Yunnan shuttle bus routes

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I have been living in Kunming for a few months and I want to go to some other little villages/towns around this area. Around Kunming I can find good information using www.mapbar.com
But if I want to go to further places I haven't found a good website to find long distance bus routes to these more remote places. Ctrip is OK but it just has most well known cities.
Is there any good Chinese website to search for this kind of information? Maybe each bus station has its own website?

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Hi @Philou
Not exactly what I was looking for but still, it is a very interesting resource. Thanks! (I didn't know that website)
I have found a few pages in English where they mention the main bus destinations:

Also a Chinese website with information about the main routes in each station:
Weird thing about this one is that it has two different names for most bus stations. For example, for the East bus station it has 昆明东部客运站 and 昆明市东部汽车客运站. And it has different destinations in each of them... Who knows... Useful anyway.

I'm still looking for a website where I can search any destination and even book tickets in advance.

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