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When drinking becomes a problem

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Is your drinking costing you more than money?

If you think you have a drinking problem and you want to do something about it, maybe we can help. We small group that's managed to quit drinking for quite a while now. If you want to know any more information call or text one of these numbers 13354968713 or 18087197572, ask for Bill

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never Been to AA...


1 - there are claims that the success rate of aa is ridiculously low, like in the single digits. Of course aa has different numbers in their brochures.

2- basically, it becomes a form of controlled alcoholism, where you can manage your life ... but the catch is that you are now in a codependent group for years and years. Ie if you leave the group, you will relapse because they are your crutch. So now you still have a manageable drinking problem, but you have issues of codependecy, where you need daddy sponsor and fake aa friends the rest of your life.

Let me ask you something, OP. What training do you have in therapy or counseling? I am willing to wager a tall cold brewski that you have none whatsoever and you are just regurgitating stuff from the book they use.

My understanding is that people who have drinking problems have serious issues that need to be addressed by a licensed health care practitioner. And for that, you need to pay hard cold cash because no respectable health care practitioner who has spents years and thousands of dollars in training will offer their services for free.

for free, you get quacks and control freaks at aa who keep you codependent and never help you to discover the root cause of your problems.

Of course you need to reference Bill the founder when you contact them because cult leaders have big egos.

Bottoms up, OP.

and ps. I am also willing to wager a Long Island Iced Tea that you, OP, after 20 years in AA still don’t have the faintest idea what drove you to drinking in the first place.

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