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Dazzer (2699 posts) • 0

" there will be people on here who've got vested interests in maintaining the status quo - everyone should take note who they are" omg its all a big conspiracy. omg omg

iTeach (96 posts) • -2

talkin of homework,,try following the logic; voting is casting an opinion,,yet those opinion formers/entities - not real people - are hidden,,whereas comments are not.

simply advocating making voting/opinion casting more transparent in the same way comments are.....mate

Dazzer (2699 posts) • 0

thats it, move the goal posts mate. you just want others to be accountable to you, its a control thing. admit it.

Ishmael (95 posts) • -2

@tiger: Downvote, fear of retribution? I find it impossible to understand why anybody would take the possibility of a downvote seriously enough to have a fear of retribution. Fear of what - being disagreed with? 'Angry malicious trolls'? Just what do you think they can do to you?

Anyone afraid of that had perhaps better not bother to speak at all.
As for 'publication of aliases', anyone who wants to can now look up tigertiger's history of posts simply by clicking on his name on any of his posts.
I ain't scared. Although, as I've said, I agree with iTeach on this, in fact I don't think the issue is worth talking about much, and I hope this is the last time I will bother to do it.

iTeach (96 posts) • -5
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Dazzer,, I know you like to talk big and seem smart but look at what you've written: 'you just want others to be accountable to you, its a control thing.'

you gotta explain how a mere contributor - who can be deleted on the whim of gokm staff - can have any possibility of exercising control - all empty thoughtless words.

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