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GoKunming feedback...

BoJoke (11 posts) • +7

@dolphin, not putting all your eggs (comments) in one basket is the cleverest move you've ever made in downvote deterrence.

Next time, try one sentence per post.

dolphin (509 posts) • -15
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Feel free to downvote all my posts if you have time on your hands.

One. Word. Per. Post. Next. Time.

michael2015 (644 posts) • +1

I see Dolphin has potentially SIX (6) consistently displeased critics - all seemingly downvoting at the same time - or a single critic with six proxy accounts.

herenow (328 posts) • -2

Yeah, five or six aligned votes seemed to appear up and down the thread within quite a short span of time. Much as I would like to believe that they were all from different people who share my opinion, I tend to doubt it.

l4dybug (65 posts) • -2


@ [] [] [] [] [] []

Tonight's category: PERSON

Guess who the downvoting critic is.

JanJal (999 posts) • +2

Some of the previous comments discussed the issue of quitting forum in response to conflicting views with (or about) other forumites.

Well I wouldn't take that as indication of character flaws in such quitters.

Rather, in my opinion it equals similar real life situation where in response to conflicts you walk away, or stop listening or reading something.

Taking it as character flaw would be akin to responding to conflicting views by going on killing spree, or putting a bullet in your own head.

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