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dolphin (513 posts) • -10
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yes you are right ishmael "pedantics R us"

.... and .... there was a guy with a funny mustache in germany who liked to control every word people say ...

and then of course you are on every vpn thread complaining about censorship while simultaneously policing every comment people make. rod serling couldn't make up a character like you if he tried.

someone is screwing with the downvoting system. and it's a valid comment. who cares what you think? am i the only one who finds your academic ramblings nauseating? you sound like an outdated irrelevant textbook.

i've read every book by chomsky and goddarnit i'm going to show off on here!

Peter99 (1246 posts) • 0

Good comment dolphin.

And when sheep and parrots, both cloudy and daisy, show up after it, u can pretty much deduct it must have been good, without even readin it.

(white house social media summit going on, stayin up, watchin live, great day. ironically our chomskyites are now defending the ms media. "free speech will always be protected" - quote of the the god king)

and btw, the "chomsky" of 2019 is called j.o keefe

Ishmael (463 posts) • -2

@dolphin: Criticism is neither controlling nor policing. Nor is pointing out irrelevancies. Comparing either to the behaviour of Adolph Hitler is either pretentious or paranoid, but I'll take it as merely ridiculous exaggeration and so can't take it as serious insult. I have a thick skin, unlike a lot of people here who seem to think everything is personal.

ricsnap (179 posts) • -2

The down- and upvoting feature is just a gimmick for retired people who have time to pitch in, and it decreased the reputation of this web site, by providing a non liberal tool which is actually popular and become a low key loyalty and marketing trap

tigertiger - moderator (5017 posts) • +1

If I think back to the time before the up/downvote system, there was a very real reputational risk for this Website. As GoKunming is not the only Website to use up/down voting, it is reasonable to assume that the industry has found it to be an effective tool, even if some individuals really don't like it.

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