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iTeach (96 posts) • -3
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some forums that only allow upvoting also display identities of voters,,this could mitigate against loaded voting opportunities for those who've accumulated multiple identities.

ever noticed how some posters manage to earn an almost synchronised upvote simply for farting?

edit: for the downvoter,,just providing feedback <on GoKunming feedback thread!> about an obvious flaw in the GKM system.

at least one person on here has 3 active logins - albeit by accident.

herenow (184 posts) • -1

A possible alternate explanation for seemingly routinized upvoting: maybe at least some of the posters you reference have accumulated social capital on the forums.

iTeach (96 posts) • -4
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true but what justification is there for any one contributor to hold multiple active logins? just observe and be aware,,then think about what's goin on and why p'haps this 'may' be limiting contributions to a relatively very,,very low level of users. that's the purpose of this thread.

an for the record,,i didn't just downvote yer

Ishmael (342 posts) • -2

@herenow & iTeach: the only social capital of a poster that could affect routinized up- or down-voting would be multiple active logins, and his/her use of them surreptitiously, since up/down votes are not identifiable as to source.
Now: I currently have at least 2 active logins, I'm told by gokunming. This occurred by accident through weird requests, which did not originate with gokunming, for new passwords here an elsewhere, that simply confused me. I do not use any other login here than this one and have never used more than one active one at the time and will not, neither to post nor to thumb-up/down, but I'm fine if gokunming decides to eliminate my previous (and also other current) one, which is/was alienew, because use of multiple logins is equivalent to giving the wealthy more than one vote (which, in effect, they have anyway, as capitalism is fundamentally undemocratic, and money talks.)

iTeach (96 posts) • -1

your posts under known aliases are transparent an as such dont undermine the system.

iTeach (96 posts) • -1

true...and for what its worth,,i vow not to use any voting until such time as the system is revised to romove the antagonism of downvoting an' hopefully reveals identities of positive upvoters.

Ishmael (342 posts) • -1

I disagree with revealing identities because that puts the discussion in the outside world where the tabletop is not level, & thus can intimidate (e.g., you have a meeting with other employees and your boss at work - do you say what you really think about your boss's ideas or whatever in the meeting? Because he can screw you on the outside, after the meeting is over.)
No, I'm not really worried about this for myself, but people with unpopular opinions can be intimidated not to express them.
I also don't feel antagonized by downvotes - people don't necessarily agree with one, how is that new to anybody? Though I think it's better to explain disagreements in writing, so that we know what we are talking about. I use downvotes only to indicate 'off the subject', and I don't use upvotes, on gokunming.

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