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bilingualexpat (218 posts) • -2

You know it’s gone sour when @dolphin tells y’all to knock it off! ;)


@ASB wrote:

“Trolls, irreverent posts, and thread hijacking also ‘discourage participation’ ”

Trolls are the products of down-votes - hence are unfazed by them. Like bacteria spawned from cesspool of rot, immune to decay. The more crap you throw at trolls, the stronger they become. You defeat trolls by not feeding them.

Similarly, uncivil members who post irreverently have fought in countless wars, perished, and reincarnated. Battled hardened, they’re also desensitized by down-votes… as are those who are thick-skinned enough to hijack threads. Down-votes have limited impact on them as well.

By process of elimination; positive contributors sensitive to the etiquette of online discourse are most susceptible to deterrence of down-votes. They are the great majority we should encourage to participate with carrots, not discourage with sticks.



Contributing useful info is definitely one of the hallmarks of GoK.

Creating a vibrant community for travelers of distant lands could be equally invaluable. A safe-haven for all to interact with civility and tolerance, personality-clashing notwithstanding. Constructive dialogues are what gives this second home warmth... and a soul.

"Quiet" is reserved for bulletin boards, museums, and libraries. "Noisy" would be Politico forums fueled with heated debates littered with snide remarks.

We need to meet somewhere in the middle.


Censorship isn't just about the brute blocking of websites (i.e. GFW), or disabling comments with a figurative muzzle.

Censorship is also psychological.

It's about changing social behaviors. Cognizant of being monitored, individuals refrain from expressing their true opinions due to the anticipation of a blow-back. That's when free speech has been compromised... in the psyche.

herenow (352 posts) • -1

When the downvoting function was originally introduced a few years ago, it was an effective means of addressing some of the problems that existed on the forums at that time. And it is still helpful in flagging (although not deterring) out-and-out trolls. Apart from that, I wonder if it hasn't outlived much of its usefulness due to abuse by some.

When I see how trigger-happy people are with downvoting in various cases lately, it makes me inclined to discount or ignore such feedback with regard to my own posts. This is roughly analogous to the boy who cried wolf: overuse destroys credibility.

And while the downvoting function is obviously designed for people to register their opinions without posting (and that is a worthwhile purpose), I do think there is some threshold at which one should de-lurk and state his/her reasons. Past that point, it essentially becomes its own form of trolling.

herenow (352 posts) • -2

@DanTheMan wrote: "I am personally all for "quiet" forums if it means that what posts do appear actually serve to provide useful information..."

I suspect that "quiet" forums would just wither and die. I think having some reasonable level of ambient banter can help to engage people to a degree where they are inclined to provide useful information, just as small talk generally precedes meaningful conversation offline. Kindling/fire.

I also find some entertainment value in following the general back-and-forth, and while I understand that's not everyone's cup of tea, I also don't think I'm alone on that score.

tigertiger - moderator (5083 posts) • 0

I can see the potential for down voting being counter productive. Although it does not produce trolls, as trolls already existed; but they do need to be controlled. Especially with the rules and sanctions leveled at Websites in China.
I also believe that up votes will encourage participation.
On another website I visit (The Guardian) there are up votes only, they also have active moderators who will delete posts that are outside of the forum rules and guidelines.
I also know other websites that moderate actively, and delete, even without up/down votes. The cries of 'censorship' and 'freedom of speech'are overused IMHO. There are other Websites with no control and to be honest they are toxic places that most people don't want to visit, but if people want total freedom of expression, those sites are out there for them, but I don't think we need to let them come into our (GoK community's) front room and piss on our rug.

debaser (635 posts) • +4

Too many threds and discussions on here are hijacked and derailled just for some to express their ideas - 'Pissing contests' as I've heard them refered to. OK... if there is no down vote maybe we could have a 'block user' or 'ignore' button because I am sick of reading the same inane bullshit from a limited group of individuals who seem to feel that something gives them the right to force their personal ideas on others regardless of the OP, their post or the thread title.
As for the wider website, a more varied approach to articles would be nice. Personally I enjoy the user generated stuff such as Sean's recent article. Articles on travel, foods, and places of interest are always good to see but that's my personal opinion.

ASatiricalBloke (103 posts) • -2

I think GoKunming is fine just they way it is.


Note: This wasn't what I wrote originally but thought I'd change it to point out a flaw in the system.

Dazzer (2806 posts) • 0

if you mean you can go back and edit is

a flaw, you can only do it if no one has respond3ed yet. once they has responded you cant go back and hide the dirt.

ASatiricalBloke (103 posts) • -2

I was editing a few minor grammatical mistakes that I've noticed and after saving the changes found out a few people had voted on my post but I was still able to edit. So that means, I can post something so vile as to guarantee immediate down votes and then change it to say something positive and play victim.


bilingualexpat (218 posts) • -3
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"I can see the potential for down voting being counter productive. Although it does not produce trolls, as trolls already existed; but they do need to be controlled."

How do you know trolls like JC aren't the holy resurrection from a GoK crucifixion?

Perhaps they were GoK natives who started out not as trolls, but suffered humiliation from our tribal stoning.

Like mass shooters who return to school with their AK assault rifle to punish classmates, teachers, or the very institution that wronged them. These shooters rarely make their last stand in a different school. Most often the same school they suffered peer exclusion or duress.

If not, visiting trolls were exiles from another website. Like Napoleon was exiled from France to Africa in the 19th century.

My point is:

Trolls, wherever they're from, are the products of disparagement, hence are already desensitized by down-votes. Down-votes are ineffective weapons against trolls, but effective in discouraging newbies or mindful contributors such as @herenow.

Keep up-votes. Remove down-votes. Add ignore/block/spam button features.


GoK feedback on our feedback would be appreciated.

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