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bilingualexpat (220 posts) • -2

@alien is a long-time member (like @Dazzer), both who haven't abandoned this community like many members in the past have.

It's sad to see long-timers leave and not turn back. It would be equally sad if alien is driven away.

For starters, he does charity work for rural poverty-stricken kids. He hosts book discussions for foreigners and locals alike. Overall, a good citizen and contributor for the broader community, and GoK as the virtual extension.

So VOTE Alien this upcoming midterm elections! j/k

We all need to be more tolerant of each others' misgivings. We all have them.

Alien asks questions to spur discussions, or even arguments. Such Socratic communication is healthy. Imagine married couples, business partners, or Congress/Parliament that don't discuss/debate with one another. The absence of communication is unhealthy for relationships between two parties, or more.

Even this bitter feud is healthy and somewhat entertaining. It may even drive viewership and entice engagement. Who knows?

Napoleon (1181 posts) • -3
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Who? You can't be talking about me, most of my posts don't even last the day and if someone is adding to that with 10 accounts then I am honoured to be in their thoughts long enough for them to even bother.

ASatiricalBloke (103 posts) • -1

@Napoleon If you posted something earlier, I don't recall what it was. So that answers your rhetorical question.

Napoleon (1181 posts) • 0

Even if I leave Kunming I will continue to stalk these forums answering questions with out of date information but the same "bantz".

bilingualexpat (220 posts) • -3
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Good, don't let the down-votes deter your bantzin'! lol

Sometimes observing their drama in the fish bowl is like rereading Lord of the Flies.

A bunch of boys plane-wrecked on the GoK Island.

We have the face painted bullies running around the forum forests with their proverbial downvote sticks trying to prevent the more intellectual Piggy (aka @alien) from using the conch shell.

The British novelist Sir William Golding depicts the depravity of men brilliantly, which amazingly extends to internet forums.

herenow (328 posts) • -2

I concur with a lot of what bilingualexpat has said in this thread. On the whole, I tend to disagree with alienew and Napoleon more than I agree with them, but I think the forums would lose some distinctive character if they stopped participating. And there have been several points in the recent past when I have thought the downvoting of them was excessive.

There have been other cases (my own posts aside) when I have felt that people were too quick on the downvote trigger. E.g., some attempts at humor by Dazzer, dolphin, et al., which, even if they don't always hit the mark, still help to lighten the general tone.

I am also puzzled as to how the following post got net 4 downvotes: "Most importantly, who knows what sorts of burden and anguish they bear in life? We need to be kinder to each other." Um, what is so objectionable about that?

However, I could do without bilingualexpat's broadbrush misandrist statement about "the depravity of men," which doesn't seem to align with the values expressed in the above-referenced post.

ASatiricalBloke (103 posts) • 0

1) TOMs don't like being told what to do.

2) If GoKunming wanted "distinctive characters" on their forums, they would not have deleted accounts of "distinctive characters"

3) People suddenly seems to think so highly of themselves that they take down votes too personal, much like spurned lovers seeking out the reasons why they were spurned.

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