Vietnamese e-visa or visa on arrival?

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What's the latest on Vietnamese visa on arrival or e-visa? Is either one of them possible, how much does it cost, how does it work? I am Dutch and I will be in Sapa for a couple of days before I return to Kunming. I don't have time to go the embassy unfortunately. Thank you!

alienew (365 posts) • +1

Visa on arrival is, I think, only available if you fly in. I think you can get a visa in Hekou for a land crossing into Viet Nam, but that it takes a day or so. And I think all perhaps depends on your nationality. Note the Vietnamese consulate (in Kunming), not embassy. They have a website, suggest you do a search online.

gingersinsamac (28 posts) • +1

Hi. You can get one online. There will not be an option for La Cai. GO through the forms to purchase one anyway. When they email you the proof of the visa for your approval, OK, inform them that the arrival city is incorrect. They will adjust it along with the price. It will be closer to $50 for a one month visa. I've done this last spring and will be getting one again.

If not, the Vietnamese consulate is not that far from the train station.

veravdn (11 posts) • 0

@gingersinsamac great, thanks! Do you have a link by any chance? I looked but didn't find anything that looked trustworthy.

22Yossarian (5 posts) • +1

I used the eVisa for Lao Cai.

There were no problems.

A really nice improvement for Vietnam.

Also, if you get an eVisa, they don’t put a full page sticker in your passport, which is preferable.

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