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Need Tourism Authority Contact

Schatz (2 posts) • 0

Dear all,

who knows an useful contact to the Yunnan Authority for Tourism? I would like to report a complaint about a Kunming Travel Agency.

Thank you for your help!

Best Regards

Long-Dragon (390 posts) • 0

You could try Kunming Municipal Tourism Bureau at 871-315-5093 or the Kunming Municipal Bureau of Commerce 871-316-6502. Either one might help or send you to someone else. It is very hard to file complaints and get action without a lot of time, effort and detail. The city also has a consumer compliant department but I have no contact information. Note too that all this is in Chinese not English. You will also hear frequently that " it is all a misunderstanding" and that you the foreigner is the one who misunderstood.

Schatz (2 posts) • 0

Its hard to believe! Before I thought the Government listen to Foreigners concerns to explain them the reasons. Its also a good way to learn something from each other to avoid that other tourists faced the same problems. Customer service is an important factor in the tourism business. Anyway: thanks Long-Dragon for your feedback!

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