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Love2TravelTiffany (2 posts) • 0

Sorry to jump in on your post @wifi, but I just ran across an opening for this school today. The ad I saw is from what appears to be a recruiter. My question is, does the school hire directly w/o using a recruiter? The websites I found for the school do not work. Does anyone have insight on how to directly contact this school to inquire about the opening? I'm currently in the US, so, I can't go directly to the school. Thanks in advance.

davidlee (3 posts) • +4

Don't worry the school is legit. I have

several friends working there. I'll send you a private message with one of the managers phone numbers.

Liumingke1234 (3290 posts) • +3

Many times when a job is posted here, it's through an agency or a recruiter trying to make a buck. The school is legit as the previous poster said. That's why I posted the link. Good Luck!

cormache (2 posts) • +3

I am one of the teachers in BIBS Love2TravelTiffany. I have sent you a private message on contacting directly. :-)

Liumingke1234 (3290 posts) • +1

Good on you. It is very fustrating to get help when you're in a different country and time zone. Hope it all works out for all involved.

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