How to get rid of mildew odor?

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Some clothes that I recently took out of storage have a really stubborn mildew odor, worse than I have encountered in any other country/city. Remedies I have tried so far without success include: repeated washing with extra detergent, boiling water, white vinegar (the 9 kind sold at corner grocery shops), and extended exposure to sunlight.


1) Has anyone been able to get rid of this type of smell here, and if so how?

2) Has anyone found borax, ammonia water, or OxiClean around town?

herenow (111 posts) • 0

Thank you. I prefer to buy things locally when possible, but I will resort to Taobao if necessary.

AlexKMG (2352 posts) • +3

I'm not sure if Metro still has it, but there was oxiclean there a long time ago. Have you tried a very small amount of bleach added to wash. Make sure to premix the bleach and detergent in a full water level, then drop in clothes and let it all soak for a day. This works with my smelly performance bike clothes.

herenow (111 posts) • 0

Good to know, I will check at Metro. I'm leery of using bleach as most of the clothes are cotton in various colors -- I will try that as a last resort before throwing them away if nothing else works.

AlexKMG (2352 posts) • +2

Just use a pitifully small amount of bleach, like 1/5 of what fits in the cap, in a full load of water, 40L+. Also, I'm using the washing bleach, not the disinfectant bathroom kind. The key is letting the water mix first, then add clothes, and then soak for a day. I've found this doesn't hurt my blue or reds at all. If you find the mildew smell lessened but still there, you know the bleach soak is working, so just keep at it, or add a tad more bleach or soak longer or both, depending on your patience.

debaser (615 posts) • +2

There's a Chinese product called 84. I've only ever used it to remove stains from white clothes but it MIGHT work well with stinky clothes using Alex's technique and it's widely available.

tigertiger (4792 posts) • +1

84 is basically laundry bleach. It seems to be a generic 'product type' number classification as even Mr Muscle have an '84'product.

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